Sunday, April 03, 2005

Certification Of Satisfaction Of Lien

Whereas, on ________________ [date] , ____________________________ [lienholder] caused a lien to be filed for record in the office of ___________________ [name of office] of ______________________ County, State of __________________ , which was duly recorded in Volume ________ , page ____ , of _________________ , against property owned by _________________________ [owner] , of ________________________________ [address] , for ______________________________ [description of work performed] by ______________________________ [name of lienholder], the description of which is as follows:

Whereas, on _________________ [date] , _____________________________ [owner] fully satisfied the indebtedness secured by said mechanic's lien. Therefore, in consideration of said payment, _______________________ [lienholder] hereby certifies that said lien is released and discharged, and directs the County _____________________ [name of office] to discharge of record said lien.

Dated:_________________ ____________________ [Signature]



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