Saturday, May 21, 2005

Waiver Of Lien

On _______________ [date], __________________________ [name of claimant], of ______________________ [address] , City of ________________ [city], County of _____________________ [county], State of ________________ [state], entered into a contract with _________________________ [name of owner], to furnish______________________
_______________________________ [description of labor andmaterials] for the _______________________ [construction or work performed] on property owned by ________________________ [name of owner], of ________________________ [property address where work was performed], the description of which is as follows:

In consideration of _____________________ [amount] Dollars,($ _________ ), receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, _____________________ [claimant] hereby waives any right to claim a mechanic's lien against the above described property, or any improvements thereon, in order to secure payment for the services he has furnished under the herein mentioned contract.

This waiver has been executed by ________________________ [claimant] voluntarily and with full knowledge of the rights afforded him under the laws of the State of ___________________ [state]



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